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Charlie Åkerblom träffar Takemiya Masaki under WAGC 2013As a member of the Swedish go association you can represent Sweden in competitions abroad. The two major individual tournaments usually are World Amateur Go Championship (WAGC) and Korea Prime Minister Cup (KPMC). Participating in these competitions can be a big adventure, as they are held in Asia and countries from all around the world send their best amateur go players to fight for the title. In addition, the organizers often cover many costs for participation such as accommodation. Sweden also participate in the Pandanet European Team Championships which is played online spanning a year with the final taking place during the European Go Congress (EGC). During the EGC one can also participate in the individual European Championships. Finally Sweden can send two representatives to the Pair-go championships


Image: Charlie Åkerblom 4D meet the legendary professional player Takemiya Masaki 9p during WAGC 2013.