Swedish Championships 2023

Welcome to the Swedish Championships in Go 2023! The tournament is this year held in Gothenburg during the Ascension weekend, with start Saturday May 20 and finish Sunday May 21. The tournament is a 5-round McMahon (EGF class A), open for everyone. Venue is the Gothenburg Chess center at Vegagatan 20, 41309 Göteborg (Google Maps), i.e. same venue used for the tournament Göteborg Open 2022. Below is detailed info regarding the tournament.


Already registered players


Preliminary schedule below:

Friday May 19Saturday May 20Sunday May  21
 08:45-09:45 Registration09:30 Round 4
 10:00 Round 1LUNCH
 LUNCH13:30 Round 5
 14:00 Round 2After round 5: Closing ceremony
ca 19-21: Blitz-SM17:00 Round 3 







Tournament format

The Swedish championships is played as 5-round McMahon tournament. To play as 1-kyu or stronger you need an official grade in the European Go Database (europeangodatabase.eu/). If you do not have an official grade, you can register as 2 kyu or weaker.

The "top group" will be set depending on the participant list. Similarly, handicap will be used where needed for the weakest players to guarantee interesting games. Placement is first done done by MMS, then SOS, then one-on-one result. SOSOS, SODOS are not used. The Swedish Citizen with highest placement after the last round will be Swedish Championship. The Swedish Citizen under 18 years old with highest placement will be Junior Champion. 

Japanese rules, i.e. usual territory scoring.
Fischer-time: 45 min main time + 15 s per move.
Komi: 6.5 to white.
Handicap: None in top group. Otherwise as needed.

Accomodation and refreshments

During the tournament we serve coffee and tea free or charge. A small selection of fruit, candy etc. will be sold at the venue. Lunch and dinner can be bought at one of the many restaurants at walking distance from the venue. A simple breakfast is sold at the venue by the go club for 25 SEK per day.

One can stay at the venue for 100 SEK per night, but limited to 8 persons. First come first serve. You can stay in the venue also friday-saturda. There are also many hostels/hotels nearby, see e.g. Google Maps.


Normal: 300 SEK

Student/retired/unemployed: 150 SEK

10 kyu or weaker: 150 SEK

Under 18 or playing your first tournament: free!


The Swedish Go Association gives a cup to the Swedish Champion. Vouchers to kyu-players with exceptional perfromance. Swedish VM-points given to the 10 highest placed Swedish citizens as  25-19-14-10-7-5-4-3-2-1. SM gives unusually high VM-points, and hence increase the chance to be selected as representative for e.g. WAGC.

Note: No prize money in this tournament, any surplus will go to the Gothenburg Go club.


Feel free to contact the Gothenburg go-club at gbg.goklubb@gmail.com.