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Vita stenarGo is not (yet) familiar to people in Sweden in the same way as for example Chess. There are perhaps a few hundred or possibly a few thousand go players in Sweden. The majority of these play causally for fun, perhaps at one of the go-clubs around the country, or via some app where you can play online or against a computer. Many go players may be reached via Facebook or Discord (see the contact page) and there one can find answers for most go-related questions, from how to find other players close to where you live to advice regarding moves to play in specific situations.

Each year a handful of competitions are held in Sweden, and usually everyone is welcome to play. These are called tournaments and upcoming tournaments are shown in the association calendar. Most tournaments happen during a weekend, with 3 rounds on Saturday and two on Sunday. Since there is not enough time for everyone to play against each other, players are usually assigned a starting score based on their estimated skill level. The most prestigious tournament in Sweden is the annual Swedish Championships.

Playing a tournament abroad can be a good way to combine an interest for the game of go with the possibility to travel and visit places and people outside Sweden. Many tournaments are open for anyone, while some where you represent Sweden as a country require a special invitation or confirmation via a national association, like the Swedish go association.