Nordic Championships 2020

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Due to restrictions and recommendations concerning travel between countries and public gatherings, the Nordic Championship have been cancelled.


Tournament date:
10th - 12th April 2020

Playing Venue:
Göteborgs Schackförbund
Vegagatan 20
413 09 Göteborg

Friday April 10th:
10.00 - Registration
10.50 - Opening ceremony
11.00 - Round 1
14.30 - Lunch
15.30 - Round 2

Saturday April 11th:
10.00 - Round 3
13.30 - Lunch
14.30 - Round 4

Sunday April 12th:
10.00 - Round 5
13.30 - Lunch
14.30 - Round 6
After round 6 - Prize-giving ceremony

Six round McMahon tournament, EGF class A. Main thinking time 75 minutes per player with 3x30 seconds byo-yomi. Territory scoring with 6.5 points komi for white. Ties in score within the top group after round 6 will be resolved by SOS. If still a tie, the place and possible prize money will be shared among the tied players.

If case of a tie for first place, the title "Nordic Champion" will be decided by:
1. SOS
2. Winner of game between tied players from the tournament
3. Extra deciding round on later occasion (live or online).

All players are welcome to register as their national rank. Pairings will be made using GoR to ensure as even games as possible. Swedish players without an official Swedish rank cannot register with a rank stronger than 2k. The official title "Nordic Champion" can only be won by a player living in the Nordic countries.

Otherwise EGF General Rules apply

Registration page

List of registered players

Getting here:
The tournament is played at Göteborgs Schackförbund at Vegagatan 20 in Gothenburg, Sweden. The easiest way to get to the venue when you're in Gothenburg is to take bus 60 from the city centre to the bus stop "Vegagatan". To find a suitable bus or tram,  you can visit Västtrafiks online travel planner.

Where to stay:
There are hundreds of hotels and hostels in Gothenburg. For an overview, see e.g

Note that it  is not possible to sleep at the venue during the tournament.

If the budget allows, there will be prizes for first, second and third place in the tournament and also for players with five or six victories (not including the top three players).

If you want to contact the organizers, you can send an email to the Gothenburg go club at


Vegagatan 20, Göteborg